Business immigration

Immigration to Italy for the purpose of doing business in this country is an excellent solution for those who have already worked in their own company in their home country.

Italy attracts residents of other countries in terms of engaging in commercial activities with their economic reliability.

The immigration process requires thorough preparation. In order to obtain a residence permit in Italy and the opportunity to work in this country, it is necessary to provide some documents and to observe a number of conditions established by the Italian government for immigrants wishing to start their own business.

List of requirements for the organization of business in Italy

To organize a business in Italy you need to have enough money. The amount is determined based on the specifics of the activity and the region in which the immigrant intends to conduct business. 10 thousand euros should be on the account of the applicant for doing business.

The legal address of the planned registration of the company is also indicated. You need to get a home in Italy, buy or rent.

The applicant should not have problems with the law.
The relevant authorities are required to check whether there are bans on the conduct of your chosen activities, and whether it will be appropriate for the Italian business (whether your enterprise will generate income and what benefit the country will receive from it).

It is important that the applicant has experience of engaging in commercial activities in the country where he lived.

The opening of his enterprise on the Italian land necessarily requires the payment of state. duties and taxes.

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