Business tourism

Italy is considered to be one of the most suitable countries for business tourism. Here take place a lot of congresses, conferences and forums of different formats, including corporate team building, intensive tours and other events of domestic companies.
The most amount of congresses that are held in Italy are the one in the field of banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy and cosmetology. The country has excellent conditions for business tourism:
• Extensive selection of conference halls and hotels in different cities;
• Exquisite nature and pleasant climate of the Mediterranean;
• High level of infrastructure development;
• The richest cultural and historical heritage.
Italy occupies the sixth position in the world ranking according to events related to business tourism. That’s why TuristoRusso (Milano) pays special attention to this sphere. We are ready to take on the whole organization of a corporate event or a trip-intensive. The company offers correspondence services with partners in Italy, the search for hostesses and translators, the organization of the moves and visits to events.