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Храмы МиланаMilan is not only about shopping, “The Last Supper” and “La Scala”. It is also a city of Christian pilgrimage with old churches and basilicas, lost in the tissue of Milanese streets and squares. They were built in different centuries, but all carry the same idea – the preservation of the Christian faith and the glory of God, the Virgin Mary and the Saints.

Milan’s churches preserve holy relics and works of art! In many of them there are unique frescos, sculptures and other ancient masterpieces. If you want to know where Barnabas the Apostle put the cross, where the relics of the martyr Natalia lie, what Saint Ambrose looked like and where the weeping Madonna icon is, then you are welcome to join our tour “Milan’s Churches”.

Churches to visit:

Santa Maria delle Grazie, Basilica Santa Maria della Passione, Basilica Sant’Ambrogio, Chiesa Santa Maria presso San Satiro, Basilica di Sant’Eustorgio, Chiesa Sant’Antonio Abate, Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa.

Duration of the tour – 2.5 hours.

A walking tour includes visits to 4 temples (to be agreed with the guide). By car – up to 6 churches.

Price of the tour:

  • 160 euro – 1-3 people;
  • 190 euro – 4-6 people;
  • 210 euro – 7-10 people;
  • 230 euro – a group of 11-20 people;
  • 290 euro – a group of up to 21-50 people.