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Classical Milan

Классический МиланDespite the centuries of its history Milan is a very modern city. It is the business capital of Italy, where life is pulsing. We suggest you get to know better this marvelous and full of secrets place.

Sightseeing tour of the historic center is a great option for those who are in town for a short visit. If you come to the exhibition, for business or just for shopping, but you want to see historical monuments and cultural traditions of this Italian city – then this educational, fun, and, most importantly, unobtrusive tour of the center is what you need! During the tour you will see the main sights of Milan: Sforzesco Castle, ruins of the Imperial Palace, the Bourse, shopping areas, La Scala Theater, Milan’s Gallery and the Duomo Cathedral.

Duration of the tour – 2.5 hours.

Prices of the tour:

    • 150 euro – 1-3 people;
    • 180 euro – 4-6 people;
    • 200 euro – 7-10 people;
    • 220 euro – 11-20 people;
    • 280 euro – a group of 21-50 people.

For groups over 10 people headphones are ordered (3 euro per person).