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Navigli Channels

Каналы НавильиDistrict of the Ticinese gates and Navigli canals is one of the most picturesque places in Milan. One can note that in some points it even resembles Venice. Long time ago Milan was all covered with canals. People used them to get drinking water, to deliver goods, using a complex system of locks, to wash clothes, to dump the slops and drains, which by the way was a frequent cause of epidemics. In the late XIX – early XX most of Milan’s canals were backfilled.

In order to immerse into the atmosphere of the old city we suggest you take a walk along the picturesque Grand Canal, which gateways were realized according to Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, go to the “laundresses’ alley” (Il Vicolo dei lavandai), where until 1960’s people washed by hand their clothing and bedding, admire the houses along the canals, painted with the typical Milanese yellow paint. The walk will continue with Church of Saint Eustorgius, Ancient Gates and the Columns of Saint Lawrence.

Duration of the tour – 2.5 hours.

Price of the tour:

  • 160 euro – 1-3 people;
  • 190 euro – 4-6 people;
  • 210 euro – 7-10 people;
  • 230 euro – a group of 11-20 people;
  • 290 euro – a group of up to 21-50 people.