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Скульптуры МиланаMilan Monumental Cemetery is a real open-air museum dedicated to the history, culture and distinguished people of Italy. This cemetery is world-famous because of the large number of monuments with a high artistic value. The territory of the cemetery is 25 acres. The most famous and honorable citizens of Milan are buried there, for instance, the famous painter Francesco Hayes, creator of the famous drink Campari and founder of Campari Group – Gaspare Campari, Mozart’s brother Karl, Milanese pastry chef Angelo Motta, prominent writer Alessandro Manzoni, and many others.

A variety of architectural styles (from realism to abstractionism), as well as a vast range of materials (from stones and metal to polished glass) were used in the realization of crypts and mortuary monuments of the cemetery. For example, the famous painting “The Last Supper” here is made of stone and decorates the crypt of Campari family. Italians are proud of the cemetery in Milan. And even nowadays it is a great honor to be buried there.

Close to the cemetery there is the modern area of skyscrapers. By the way, those few skyscrapers in Italy are situated exactly here, in Milan, including the highest building in the country – the main office of Unicredit bank (231 meters high).

You will see a modern and prestigious area, which shows another Milan – a city of business, finance and new technologies.

Duration of the tour – 2.5 hours.

Price of the tour:

  • 160 euro – 1-3 people;
  • 190 euro – 4-6 people;
  • 210 euro – 7-10 people;
  • 230 euro – a group of 11-20 people;
  • 290 euro – a group of up to 21-50 people.